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Himalayan is an online market for Nepalese handicrafts bringing you a pleasant online shopping experience with; carefully selected Nepalese handicrafts, speed delivery, easy-to-navigate, unbiased web site reviews, and highlighted time and money-saving deals.

Himalayan Mart select and place products carefully to give you a large selection of Nepalese Handicrafts with competitive and affordable prices. Here you will find unique Nepalese handicrafts: all kinds of thanka / thangka, khukuri, pashmina shawl, cashmere shawl, cashmere silk carpet, buddhist ritual item, Neapalese silver jewellery, wooden sculpture, stone sculpture, Nepali musical instrument, Nepalese herbal product, pashmina product, herbal tea, aromatic herb, singing bowl, Tibetan carpet, himalayan book, nepalese doll / puppert / mask, prayer whell, gifts, tibetan artificates, cashmere wooden product, sentiments as well as intoxicating travel journey packages to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. We have wholesale option too so that any body who wish to order in bulk can order. We are working to improve himalayan mart . com, and make it great shopping destination for all your online shopping needs because we strive to satisfy and delight our customers.

Product # : HM-447
The second in a series of landscape/travel books from Peak Publishing. With over 110 pages of superb colour photography.
Price: US$ 51.02
In Stock: Yes
Product # : HM-453
This book is a description of the three main cities in Nepal.
Price: US$ 55.1
In Stock: Yes
Himalayan Ancient Arts
27” x 20” Antique Chenrezig Thanka
Product # : HM-3197
18th century ancient chenrezig thangka.
Price: US$ 5102.04
In Stock: Yes
4” Ancient Deer Horn Buddhist Deity Statue
Product # : HM-3195
Ancient hand carved deer horn Buddhist wrathful deity statue., This wonderful ancient statue is from 18th century. This only piece of its types and can’t found replica of it.
Price: US$ 2267.57
In Stock: Yes
Himalayan Musical Instruments
Madal – 10.7”
Product # : HM-174
This is a kind of typical Nepali music instrument and specially used for wedding ceremony or other special occasions.
Price: US$ 30.61
In Stock: Yes
Tibetan Laha - 3 ft.
Product # : HM-215
This Tibetan Laha is very popular music instrument in the Himalayan land.
Price: US$ 91.84
In Stock: Yes
35” X 25” Mandala Thanka
Product # : HM-1528
The Mandala represents "palace of purity" a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and unpurified. Mandala is a circle which is a device for the Tantric meditation.
Price: US$ 255.1
In Stock: Yes
19.7” x 15.2” Buddha Life Thangka Scroll Painting
Product # : HM-3615
Buddha Life Thanka illustrates the life story of Buddha. All the historic part of Buddha's life is depicted visually in the Buddha Life Thanka.
Price: US$ 326.53
In Stock: Yes
Singing Bowls
7” Diameter Bronze Buddha Singing Bowl
Product # : HM-3049
Pure Bronze 7” Diameter Bronze Buddha Singing Bowl
Price: US$ 104.08
In Stock: Yes
5” Diameter Bronze Buddha Singing Bowl
Product # : HM-3320
re Bronze 5” Diameter Bronze Swayambu Singing Bowl.
Price: US$ 51.02
In Stock: Yes
Cashmere Products
100% Pure Silk Stole - 76" x 27"
Product # : HM-1870
This cashmere woolen base silk hand embroidered stole is soft, light, comfortable, warmth keeping cashmere stole.
Price: US$ 81.63
In Stock: Yes
All Over Embroidered Cashmere Stole - 76" x 27"
Product # : HM-1798
All Over embroidered brown base beautiful flower pattern cashmere woolen machine made stole is soft, comfortable and warmth keeping.
Price: US$ 95.31
In Stock: Yes
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